• 10 fun facts about Cuba

    Playas de Cuba

    Cuba is by far the largest island of the Caribbean Antilles; it is also the world’s 17th largest one. The country is composed of several islands…

  • 5 Fun Facts about Marrakesh

    Palmeraie en Marrakesh

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    Mercado de San Antón Madrid

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  • The Sierra de Tramontana

    Sierra de Tramontana en Mallorca

    Hundreds of praise and poems have been composed for the beautiful Sierra de Tramontana. Even nowadays its rugged peaks still surprising the travelers with its wonders,…

  • Hemingway and Cuba

    Interior de la residencia de Hemingway en Cuba

    A mixture of fantasy and travelogue, the work of Ernest Hemingway still conquering millions of readers. “The Old Man and the Sea” and “For Whom the…

  • Sosúa: the Atlantic pearl

    Playa de Sosúa

    Sosua is one of the nicest and less known communities in the Dominican Republic. This corner of Atlantic Ocean is the favorite beach of the locals….