• Be Live Hotels is the hotel division of the Globalia group, the leading tourism company in Spain.

    It includes a network of 4- and 5-star accommodations designed for those who enjoy travelling, learning and getting to know different cultures.

    There are twenty hotels and resorts totalling over 7,000 rooms located throughout the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Spain (continental Spain, the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands), Portugal and Morocco. Each one has its own local character and faces the sea.

    Urbanites can stay at the 3* and 4* Be Smart Hotels. They offer all that a guest needs to enjoy a comfortable stay in the city at a moderate price.

    Why Be Live?

    At Be Live Hotels we believe that it’s better to live life than to dream about it.

    Our hotel concept is for the spaces to adapt to our customers and remind them where they are.

    We have designed four types of experiences that take on their full personality when visitors live them at each of our destinations.

    BE: Who are you? We match the experience to each customer profile.

    • Be Lovers: Unforgettable getaways for couples with all kinds of amenities • Be Friends: Designed for group travel, with a wide variety of entertainment on offer both day and night • Be Family: Holidays with your loved ones, with activities for every member of the family • Be Pro: Ideal for events, special activities and incentive trips

    LIVE: Why not live the culture of the country? At Be Live Hotels we don’t want our complexes to be isolated from the culture of the area that you are visiting. That’s why our customers don’t just travel to a destination, they live it.

    • Live the Dominican Republic • Live Mexico • Live Cuba • Live Morocco • Live Spain

    Who are you? What do you want to live?

    Be Yourself, Live Your World… Be Live Hotels