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    Vista del Teide

    The beautiful island of Tenerife has one of Spain’s most iconic natural areas. Its volcanic soil, its peculiar terrain and its unique culture due to its geographic isolation, has made this island a popular tourist destination. In order to safeguard this unique environment, UNESCO has designated the town of San Cristobal de La Laguna and Mount Teide National Park World Heritage Sites in Tenerife.

    San Cristobal de La Laguna

    Located in the northeast of Tenerife island, San Cristobal de La Laguna, was the first capital of the archipelago and the first non-fortified city built in the Canary Islands. Its urban design meets the scientific discoveries of the sixteenth century, specifically the astrological charts that helped improve navigation propelling the discovery of the American continent. The urban layout is similar to the Spanish colonial cities in America.

    The old town of La Laguna is one of the best preserved in Tenerife. Dominated by the enormous Cathedral of Our Lady of Remedios, the city offer interesting visits among which are: the Nava Palace, the Convent of Santa Catalina, Church of La Conception, the Town Hall bulding and the Adelantado square.

    Mount Teide National Park

    The Mount Teide National Park is along with the wonderful beaches of Tenerife, the main attraction of the island. This protected area covers ​​74 square-miles and receives about three million visitors annually. Since Mount Teide occupies the center of the island and the national park includes the stratovolcano zone, there is a piece of protected area in almost all Tenerife municipalities. Visit Mount Teide National Park is very easy from all corners of the island. We recommend staying at Be Live La Niña, an all-included beach resort in the famous Adeje coast.

    There are many interesting places to visit within the Mount Teide National Park, one of them is the Virgen de las Nieves chapel, consider the Catholic Church with more altitude of Spain. Also, Teide Observatory considered one of the first major international observatories in the world.

    The biodiversity of Mount Teide National Park is worldwide recognized. There are 60 endemic animal and plant species preserved long curious topography of this area.  However, the Teide is an open national park that articulates recreational and agricultural activity with environmental preservation. This mixed function has meant a challenge and an achievement awarded worldwide. Nature lovers will find in Tenerife a dreamed destination.

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