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    platos preparados por restaurantes con estrellas Michelin en Madrid

    In November 2013, DiverXO got the long-awaited three Michelin stars award. Madrid has become famous as a gastronomic destination, and thanks to this restaurant it has recover the status lost in 1987. Chef David Muñoz is the real author behind the success of DiverXO (Pensamiento, 28). This talented cooker is the Spanish youngest and the eighth chef awarded with three Michelin stars. His creative menus and meals has conquered the stardom in a record time.

    There are nine Michelin starred restaurants in Madrid, five of them awarded with two stars and three with one star. La Terraza del Casino, el Club Allard, Sergi Arola, Ramón Freixa Madrid and Santceloni form the selected two Michelin stars group.

    La Terraza del Casino (Alcalá, 15) is located in a completely restored nineteenth-century palace, providing a splendid contemporary look in a historical setting. Innovation is the key and could not be otherwise with Ferran Adrià as menu advisor and Paco Roncero as principal chef. La Terraza del Casino offers a full menu of creative tapas and traditional dishes that combine the best Mediterranean cuisine with culinary cutting-edge techniques.

    Santceloni (Paseo de la Castellana, 57) has been one of the most awarded restaurants in Spain. The quality of its cuisine and the expertise of its staff, from the chef to the sommelier, has earned him countless awards, including the two Michelin stars. The best creation of the late Santi Santamaria preserves, after his death, its charisma and creativity thanks to Chef Oscar Velasco.

    The quality of the two Michelin-star establishments is renowned, and their prizes are as high as their fame. This is the reason why some people prefers to spent less money and dine in a less stiff environment choosing one Michelin-star restaurants instead of its higher ranked cousins.

    Madrid has three one-Michelin-starred restaurants. One of them, Zalacain (Alvarez de Baena, 4) by Chef Juan Antonio Medina was a three-stars but has been descended in the past decade. The others are Kabuki (President Carmona, 2) and Kabuki Wellington (Velázquez, 6) where the creations of Chef Ricardo Sanz and awarded Pastry-chef Oriol Balaguer come together to offer the best of two worlds. Ricardo Sanz does a fusion cuisine mixing Mediterranean and Japanese flavors obtaining meals with exquisite taste and refined presentation.

    Finally, Michelin has selected three local as deserving Bib Gourmand category in Madrid. Bolivar (Manuela Malasaña, 28), Quintana 30 (Quintana, 30) and Tortillas de Gabino (Rafael Calvo, 20) are well-known for their great quality, very reasonable price and popularity among the locals. Bib Gourmand is a Michelin new category for trendiest, good cuisine and affordable price restaurants. 

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