• A tour along the bay of Alcudia

    Bahía de Alcudia desde Sa Talaia

    The bay of Alcudia on the northeast coast of Mallorca is one of prettiest sceneries of the Balearic Islands. The bay runs from Cap des Pinar in the northernmost part to Cap Farrutx in the south, forming a continuous 22-miles long coast line.

    The sector between Cap des Pinar y Cap de Menorca offers a wide variety of beautiful beaches and hidden coves for those willing to venture in this rugged territory. La Platjola de la Sola, Es Clot, Sa Teula and Coll Baix are the names of the most popular beaches in this coastal region.

    After this wild area is Alcana, a world known destination for golfing with a luxury 18-holes golf course. A few kilometers further west is the Alcudia Port; its strategic location on the opposite coast to the capital –Palma de Mallorca– has been valued since the Middle Ages. Next to the port is the city of Alcudia, founded in 1229 by James I the Conqueror, to promote the commercial activity in the island.

    Now a days, Alcudia has grown beyond its walls, becoming a city of contrasts. If you have little time to visit it, take the Camino de Ronda –a path through the city that was used to monitor and combat pirate attacks–. The path goes through the medieval gates, the Renaissance walls, the bastions of the 16th century, the Sant Jaume Church, the Chapel of the Holy Christ and several gorgeous renaissance manors.

    Next on our tour along the Alcudia Bay is Playa de Muro and Be Live Grand Palace de Muro –a complete beach resort ideal for family holidays and located in one of the best beaches of the island. A few miles from Muro, the Bay of Alcudia becomes: S’Albufera National Park. This protected natural region comprises several wetlands with a unique flora and fauna –mainly aquatic birds– in the Balearic Islands.

    After the National Park, the bay turn back again into a recreational zone called Can Picafort. It comprises 5.5 miles of sandy beaches and forested areas. Among this incredible scenery, there is the small town of Santa Margalida, an agricultural settlement surrounded by archaeological sites.

    The southern part of the Bay of Alcudia is a section of ​​high cliffs, isolated pine forests, and coves accessible only by boat. Finally, in the south end is Cap Farrutx Natural Park one of the spot where people can enjoy the indigenous landscape of Mallorca. 

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