• Things to do with children in Punta Cana

    Playas de Punta Cana

    The beach is the best place to go on family vacation… but let’s face it, kids get bored, even on holydays. So, pay attention to this list on things to do with children in Punta Cana. Before planning your journeys, book on the best hotel for family holydays in Punta Cana, Be Live Grand Punta Cana. Great food, tons of activities, relax and fun are waiting for you in theis incredible beach resort.

    Swimming with dolphins

    Swimming with dolphins is a very popular activity in the Dominican Republic. It can be done in various places along the island, but the ultimate experience is Dolphin Explorer Park. This incredible place is a mix between a zoo and a safari park. Animals here are located in their own habitat but available to interact with the visitors. Dolphins, rays, sea lions or sharks you decided which one is your swimming best buddy. The park is situated inside the Natural Reservoir of Cabeza del Toro, one of the best preserve tropical jungle spots in the island.

    Jungle Buggy Ride

    Xtreme Dune Buggy, a local tour company arranges for buggy tours around Punta Cana. Began your day driving a buggy through a banana plantation, just to arrive to Laguna el Limón and enjoy a great lunch among nature.

    Indigenous Eyes Ecological Park

    If your family relish with outdoors activities, Indigenous Eyes Ecological Park is the place to be. Its rather curious name regards the magnificent eleven freshwater natural lagoons that comprises the park. They are interconnected allowing visitors to discover a vast jungle area during a boat trip. Also, the park has different trekking and walking trails to enjoy the landscape from a different perspective.

    Horse riding and speleology

    Fun Fun Cave is located in Rancho Capote, a huge estate with a large underground incredible wealth. The journey begins here with a tropical breakfast, then a little walk and a horse ride through the jungle. Once you arrive to the cave bats, rappelling, petroglyphs and an underwater river are part of the fun. Every great adventurer deserve a delicious meal, enjoy a typical Dominican lunch in a great location after such a fun day.

    Zip Lines Adventures

    Discover the jungle from the treetops of the oldest tropical trees in El Choco National Park. Monkey Jungle Park is a zip line adventure, including seven zip line rides and two suspension bridges located over 4,200 feet high.

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