• Los Ajaches Natural Monument

    Vista del maciso de los Ajaches y la playa Papagayo

    This black-stone mountain range between Llano del Rubicón and the wild Papagayo beach has become a popular attraction among the tourists visiting Lanzarote. Named with a guanche word –the indigenous tribe living in the Canary Islands–, Los Ajaches was declared a national monument in 1987, regarding its scientific and paleontological importance. This area of 3,009 ha was created by the volcanic activity submitted to an unrepeatable weather conditions 15 million years ago.

    The amazing contrast between the black stone mountains creating cliffs that fall into the blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean is a breathtaking panorama. The higher mountains in Ajaches National Monument, La Aceituna and Hachas Grande, reach the incredible high of 1,900 feet over the sea level. Ancient royal trail cross this marvel making it a trendy area for trekking. Also, Los Ajaches is frequently explore by bird-watchers since it has been declare Zona Especial de Protección de Aves de Canarias to protect the habitat of the Tubenoses, the Shearwater, the Osprey and the Common tern.

    Yaiza is the biggest village in the vicinity of Los Ajaches Natural Monument. The city with a population around 8,000 people is named after a guanche warrior princess. Just like its counterpart the village stands stoically between to volcanic areas of Timanfaya National Park and Los Ajaches. The most relevant building in Yaiza is the church of Nuestra Señora de los Remedios (Our Lady of Los Remedios) erected in 1728, over the ruins of the old chapel constructed in 1699. Its structure responds to the principles of the mudejar architecture, but using the typical whitewashed walls in the outside. The altarpiece inside was painted in the 18th century.

    Yaiza is also the name of the municipality including Los Ajaches Natural Monument. There is a lot of visit in the area like: Las Coloradas Castle, San Marcial del Rubicón archeological site, San Marcial del Rubicón church, the popular Playa Blanca and the exuberant Playa Papagayo, Salinas del Janubio, and the Jardín del Cactus designed by Cesar Manrique. If you are visiting Lanzarote and want to discover the wonders of Yaiza and Los Ajaches Natural Monument stay in Be Live Grand Teguise Playa. This complete beach resort is located in Teguise, just a few miles driving from Yaiza and all its prodigies.

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