• Lagos: Algarve’s bohemian capital

    Foto de la costa de Lagos en el Algarve

    Lagos in the west coast of the Portuguese Algarve, is the capital of the bohemian tourism in the region. The city is located just 18 miles away from Be Live Palmeiras Village in the geographic center of the Algarve. This hotel is ideal for exploring the region thoroughly, alternating during the stay the charm of its facilities with trips to the picturesque coastal cities.

    Inhabited since 2000 B.C. this is a fertile land with beautiful coastline and pretty inland Mediterranean forests. It has a rich and convulsive history from changing hands after successive invasions until becoming the most active port of the Portuguese colonial process. In Lagos, were built and shipped the caravels that transported people, slaves and merchandize to and from America.

    Although it was severely affected by an earthquake in 1755, the city today has regained its spirit, turning into the capital of sustainable tourism in the Algarve. Lagos has rebuilt its historical heritage offering a selection of interesting buildings along a well-preserved 16th-century old town.

    While visiting, first walk around the Roman walls and then ramble along the streets to enjoy the traditional Portuguese architecture. Located in Praça de la República, the former slave market is one of the most remarkable building in the city next to the Municipal Museum and its eclectic collection.

    Since its construction in 1580, Ponta da Bandeira Fortress was the custodian of the Portuguese coast against the pirates’ attacks. This structure earned a reputation of invincible after rejecting the assault of the famous Sir Francis Drake. Inside the small chapel covered with 17th-century tiles worth a visit. The Church of Santo Antonio in the old-town shows a really interesting 18th-century gilded-wood and tiles baroque altarpiece.

    The beaches of Lagos are mainly sinuous sand strips between the sea and the cliffs, as usual in the Algarve coast. Although, in here these rock formations have reduced its height and now they do not difficult the access to the beach. The beaches in Lagos are really nice and better than those on Sangres. The most popular is Meia Praia beach, usually frequented by families with children. If you are looking for a quiet place to rest Batata Beach and Dona Ana Beach are perfect. After a long day at the beach, try the local gastronomy in the restaurants along Rua 25 de Abril.

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