• Best Scuba Diving Sites in Tenerife

    El Puertecito

    Tenerife, the largest and best known of the Canary Islands, is the perfect place to practice water sports, especially scuba diving. Most dive centers focus their activity on the Costa de los Gigantes, in the southwest coast of the island. Nearby is the beautiful Be Live La Niña, a complete beach resort with the best restaurants and entertainment throughout Tenerife.

    The Giants Coast (Costa de los Gigantes) presents interesting challenges for experienced divers and a world of possibilities for beginners. Amost all the sites include the presence of a large amount of sea life, turtles, stingrays, schools of fish and morays. The incredible clean water of the North Atlantic ocean offer a great visibility to discover coral reefs and shipwrecks. Let’s take a look at the list of the best scuba diving sites in Tenerife.

    El Condesito

    The name of the site is also the name of the ship sunken in 1972 near Punta Rasca. This is a great dive for beginners since it only reaches 100 feet deep. Part of the wreck is intact and has become the home to many interesting species of colorful fish, eels and octopus.

    Masca Deep

    It is a complicated immersion reserved only for advanced divers. The site is located 1,000 feet from Teno Cape (Punta Teno). Once there a large cave with black corals, situated 130 feet deep, is a real show of animal activity, including large morays.


    This is a typical dive for baptisms and novice divers… but don’t run away yet! It is a really fun immersion even for advance scuba divers. If you are photography enthusiasts, bring your camera because the show is served thanks to the four meters stingrays living here.

    El Puertito

    This area is part of the green sea turtle conservation project, one of the local species currently endangered. The dive begins on the coast and has a maximum depth of 50 feet, being suitable for any level of diver. The turtles are really friendly and love to swim among the divers.

    Palmar Cave

    The site is located about 65 feet from Palm-Mar beach in Los Cristianos area. The cave is situated 80 feet deep after a very pleasant dive. It is not recommended to enter the cave. Among the marine life here, there are some of the biggest Moray Eels to be found in Tenerife. This zone is frequently also visit by dolphins.

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