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    Un hombre paseando por una calle de Malasaña en Madrid

    In 1561 Felipe II decided to move for good its court to Madrid, the old village started its transformation process into a capital city. Now a days, Madrid is one of the most popular cities in the world. Today let’s take a virtual trip around the trendiest neighborhoods in Madrid from Be Smart Madrid Diana Aeropuerto. Let’s go!

    La Latina

    We start this journey in the ancient part of the city where the Habsburgs built its royal palace, La Latina. Its peculiar name honors Beatriz Galindo, a Spanish writer and humanist nicknamed “La Latina” regarding its vast knowledge of Latin. Besides its historical buildings, this area is well known for being the best place to eat tapas in Madrid.


    At present, Malasaña the trendiest neighborhood in Madrid. It is also known for being the university campus area. Its name honors Manuela Malasaña a local dressmaker murder by Napoleon troops. Located between the vivid Chueca and central Arguelles, this district became famed as the core of La Movida Madrileña –a 70’s and 80’s urban movement.


    Probably the best known internationally Madrid’s neighborhood, Chueca is the heart of the gay movement in Spain. Its street are a melting pot of traditional stores, bizarre sex shops and acclaimed restaurants.


    Its strange name means “feet washing” regarding the old fountain that historians believe was located in the center of Madrid Jewish quarter. Before, the name of Lavapiés became popular, this was known as the ambassadors’ district in relation to the number of consular offices in the area. Originally, this neighborhood was a traders’ settlement outside the city walls. It never get rid of its commercial past, since now it is the area where the famous Madrid Rastro is celebrated.


    The last but not the least, Salamanca is the richest area in Madrid. This district comprises several neighborhoods, Recoletos, Goya, Lista, Fuente del Berro, La Guindalera y Castellana. This city quarter was design and promoted in the 19th century by the Salamanca Marquees and carry its name. The fanciest and most expensive stores in Madrid are along its streets. Take a walk by Ortega y Gasset, Serrano y Claudio Coello streets and enjoy the best Madrid fashion is a great way to finish this journey.

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