• Top 5 beaches in Lanzarote

    Playa Famara Lanzarote

    Like all the islands in the Canaries, Lanzarote rises from the deep blue with its abrupt and arid landscape. Its beaches are a long stretch of black sand with calm water hidden at the bottom of a cliff. Its warm water and its mild weather invited the visitor to stay and relax.

    Lanzarote is a blessed piece of paradise. Spend a day driving along the south coast of the island and let the hypnotic effect of the volcanic landscape comfort your spirit. Here are our top 5 beaches in Lanzarote:

    Playa Blanca

    This coastal strip is located in the south westernmost side of Lanzarote, looking over Fuerteventura. There are two spots that stand out, Playa Papagayo and Los Charcones.  Both beaches are away from any tourist area bringing the adventurous visitor the possibility to engage with nature in a relaxing environment.

    Los Charcones impress with it curious orographic formation of natural pools, contrasting the black volcanic rock with the clear Atlantic water. Quite different, but not less fascinating Playa Papagayo is a crescent of fine white-sand protected at the bottom of a cliff and conceal within Los Ajaches Natural Reserve.

    Playa Quemada

    Situated few miles away to the west of Puerto Calero, this area of the island is completely outside of the tourist radar. The zone is characterize for its isolated beaches and coves. The name translates as “burnt beach” regarding the harsh dark sand and rocks that composes its tectonic surface.

    Puerto del Carmen

    Puerto del Carmen is a trendy beach area in Lanzarote. More than a beach, it is a collar of delicious tiny coves of black sand next to a large popular beach called Playa Blanca. The popularity of Playa Blanca is justify due to its handy services and its location.

    Keep driving toward the northernmost point of Lanzarote, pass by Arrecife and continue to the acclaimed Teguise Coast. It has been the core of the tourist activity in the past years. Placed in the region Be Live Grand Teguise Playa is one of the trendiest beach resort in the island. Indulge yourself in a luxury venue surrounded by an unrivalled environment.

    Charco del Palo

    Charco del Palo is a beloved tiny area of black-sand beaches. It is famous among the naturalist community, regarding its remote situation.


    This sand strip is located next to the Corona Forestal Natural Park and Punta Mujeres, is the last stop on this journey along the south coast of Lanzarote. Next to the village of Arrita, La Garita is the best known beach in Arrieta. Its golden sand and its turquoise waters are the perfect spot to enjoy the sunset.

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