• The route of the 5 Lighthouses in Mallorca

    Faro de Formentor

    The gorgeous coasts of Mallorca were for centuries a maze for sailors. Their uneven and sheer orography was a trap for many ships unable to maneuver through it. Mallorca lighthouses were the only tool on their side against e furious waters of Mallorca.

    There are fourteen lighthouses along the coast of the island, but only the most interesting ones are included in the Route of the five Lighthouses in Mallorca. This route is trendy among bikers. Most of the beacon are isolated, except for Formentor and Portopí usually included in tourist itineraries. The lighthouses are perfect spots to understand and enjoy the astonishing Mallorca landscape. Come on! Let’s take the road:

    Portopí Lighthouse

    Located 134 feet above the sea level, this square-plan tower is the third oldest working lighthouse in the world. It was built in 1,300 ordered by Jamie II de Mallorca the original beacon was move to its actual position in 1617 in order to protect since it was in the throw line of the San Carlos Fortress.

    Sa Mola Lighthouse

    This structure was built in 1974 to signal the entrance to the Port of Andratx. The white and black stripped pole is crowded with a beacon and located 128 above the sea level. It was built without dwellings since it was automatize lighthouse commanded from the harbor in Andratx.

    Cap Gros Lighthouse

    Also known as La Muleta, this beacon is the best terrace to overlook the Sierra de Tramuntana –the mountain range that goes across the island. It was erected in 1842 and saw service until November 2008. It principal function was to help with the maneuvers in Port Sollér.

    Formentor Lighthouse

    It is the favorite beacon in the island regarding the breathtaking views of the Mallorca cliff that can be seen from its base. This lighthouse was totally transformed into a tourist attraction, including its housing converted in a tourist facility. The structure remains the poem “Pi de Formentor” by famous cathalan poet Miquel Costa I Llobera.

    Ses Salines Lighthouse

    Raised in 1863 in the southernmost point of the island, this lighthouse now a days is a sea life research center. The beacon is completely isolated guarding the coast and a virginal Mallorca landscape.

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