• Silves: the Algarve’s castle

    panoramica de Silves inclidos la Catedral ye l Castillo

    Silves is a small village in the Algarve Coast in Portugal. It is one of the most beautiful place sin the region. It was inhabited by the Phoenician and Romans, also as the Algarve capital before the actual capital, Faro. Now a days, Silves is an important touristic destination.

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    There is a Roman villa archeological site outside the city, but mainly the remains are show in the City Museum. Besides the museums, Silves has an incredible architecture. Walking through its tortoise street decorates with lemon and oranges trees is a pleasure. Let’s take a walk around the most important building in Silves.

    The Castle of Silves and the Cathedral dominate the panorama from the top of the hill. The castle was started to build in the 8th century, but was refurnished and enlarged several times in the following five centuries. The first fortress was built by the Arabs to defend the city, following the design of the famous the royal residence of Al-Mutamid, also known as the Palace of Balconies. This building was declared a National Monument in 1910, since it constitutes the best example of Arabic architecture in Portugal.

    In front of the Castle entrance there is the stone canopy protecting the Portugal Cross. This limestone piece is considered one of the best examples of the 15th century Portuguese sculpture. In the other side of the square the Silves Cathedral exhibits its gothic architecture.

    Silves Cathedral is considered the main Gothic monument in the Algarve. The most striking aspect of the building is the contrast between the white walls and the red stone in the outside, and the baroque decoration with the simpler gothic interior. The southern façade of the building is called the Sun Gate. It is a very good example of the baroque and rococo Portuguese architecture.

    Finally, do not forget to visit the Tower and the Gate of the city. This antique structure was conceived to defend the city. Inside it used to be the Town Hall office, but now a days is a public library.

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