• Sierra de Escambray and the Topes de Collantes

    Salto Vegas Grandes

    The Escambray Mountain range domains the inland natural scenery between the San Luis de los Ingenios Valley and the city of Trinidad. Located in the Cuban Sancti Spiritus Province, this protected area is better known as the Topes de Collantes National Park. This untouched wonder is the best preserve indigenous jungle zone in the island. It is only 200 miles away from La Habana and 150 miles away from Be Live Turquesa in Varadero beach.

    The Topes de Collantes is also the name of the third highest elevation (2,600 feet) in Sierra de Escambray. The beauty of the region is wild and the height of its summits affords a cooler healthier mild climate allowing a diverse fauna and flora to grow in Cuba. The national park landscape is carpeted with a large sized tree ferns and an endemic lichen called “barba de español”. Among the dense vegetation, the tropical leafy oaks, some slim curvy palm trees and the strong big-leaf mahogany make their way through the sunlight.

    Topes de Collantes National Park is a very popular touristic attraction. There are several path or routes to enjoy it magnificence. The Camino de los Helechos, also known as Ecological trail, start in the Kurhotel and goes through a jungle sector including huge tree ferns and Cuban lilies. Another interesting visit is La Represa Park Arboretum, where you can discover more than 300 tropical plant species.

    This area is also famous for its clean air and its therapeutic thermal muds and waters. Those interested in this kind of treatment should look for the in the International Kurhotel or La Hacianda Codina. Both institutions offer a ludic space as well as and spa with thermal waters and a series of natural treatments.

    Besides having the three highest elevation in Cuba, Topes de Collantes National Park also holds the two tallest water falls in the island. The Salto de Caburni is one of the trendiest visits within the park. The path that end in the water fall goes through an incredible jungle area and diverse coffee plantations. Vegas Grandes is the topmost waterfall in the park. It includes a 250 feet of water falls descending from a vertical rock wall and several natural swimming pools.

    Sierra de Escambray is also the home of quite a few endemic animals, including bats, one hundred different birds’ species, lizards and wild pigs. The area is also acclaimed for its versatile population of bees and butterflies. Come to visit this natural wonderland and enjoy discovering the most tropical face of Cuba.

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