• Sierra de Gredos

    Río Tietar en la Sierra de Gredos

    The Sierra de Gredos extends its domains over five Spanish states: Salamanca, Cáceres, Ávila, Madrid, and Toledo. This formation is one of the most extended mountain range in the Spanish Central System. It comprises mainly granite formation and fluvial valleys. Besides, the high elevations the core attractions in the area are five natural lagoons where visitor can enjoy swimming and relaxing.

    Inside the Ávila state, the Sierra de Gredos area has been declare a protected zone under the name Sierra de Gredos Regional Park. It encompasses the zone between the Puerto del Pico and Tornavacas. The entrance to the park is located just an hour by car from Talavera de la Reina. If you are looking for a comfortable hotel to stay in the area, check Be Smart Talavera. Its strategic location allows the guests to discover Madrid and its surrounded areas.

    The Sierra de Gredos Regional Park is a protected inhabited area committed with sustainable agriculture, architecture and tourism. There are several towns and villages inside the park; al they together held a population around 20,000 people. Candeleda, el Barco de Ávila and Navarredonda de Gredos are the top visits in the park.

    Sierra de Gredos’ towns

    Located few miles outside Navarredonda de Gredos is the Parador Nacional de Gredos. This hotel and restaurant is find within a heritage building constructed in 1926. Its splendid interior constitutes a historical site in Spain, since it hold the first meeting in 1978 of the constitutional fathers. Navarredonda de Gredos also has several interesting churches and buildings. The best time to visit this town is on Easter, when traditional religious processions take place.

    El Barco de Ávila –the name of this town means Avila’s Ship- is probably the most atractive town inside the Sierra de Gredos. The town has an incredible collection XVI century buildings. People comming to El Barco is willing to try their famous white beans, consider a gourmet product.

    Circo de Gredos

    Circo de Gredos is the name of the glacial cirque situated in the central part of the northern slope of the Sierra de Gredos. Its surface occupies 33 ha, including Pico Almanzor (8,500 feet) the highest elevation in the park, and Laguna Grande de Gredos (6,400 feet) the biggest lagoon in the system. The route to Elola Refuge in the Laguna Grande valley is the most popular trekking and hiking path. It goes from the parking area in Plataforma de Gredos up in the mountains and then down to the valley.

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