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    It has been several years that Be Live Grand Saïdia, along with other local tour operators, hosts the Saïdia Festival. This incredible event is a spring breakers and students festival that takes places in Saïdia. The city located in the northernmost coast of Morocco was proud to offer an incredible itinerary including theme parties and concerts combined with the most attractive beaches and a great weather.

    In 2014, Saïdia Festival offered two itineraries, the first begining on April 6th to April 13th and the second one a week later on April 20th. The Saïdia Festival began with a party on board of the Tinamar –a ferry with a capacity for 1,500 people– from Motril to Melilla. The ferry services was offer by the precious Spanish cruises company, Naviera Armas. The fun garantee from the very beggining!

    Be Live Grand Saïdia was the main sponsor of the festival, offering the best hosting in an all-included bases for all the participants. The package included complete access to the hotel facilities and the buffets, unlimited drinks and free entrance to the hotel clubs.

    Besides spending the night partying and enjoying the music, the Saïdia Festival participants discovered the Riff region as part of the activities organized by the festival. There were day trips to Oujda, Nador and Saïdia city. Also, there was a list of incredible activities to participate in, like fly board, desert 4×4 tours or just discovering the wonders of the sea on a glass-bottom boat.

    The 2014 Saïdia Festival program counted with an inestimable sponsor, Europa FM -a Spanish radio station. They were the artist behind the festival music program. This year edition included the participation of Dj Quique Tejada, Efecto Mariposa, Ayrym and Sweet California.

    2014 Saïdia Festival has been a success and Be Live Grand Saïdia is proud to be its sponsor. See you next year!

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    Verónica Montuenga
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