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    Foto de la isla La Graciosa en Lanzarote

    La Graciosa is one of the five volcanic islands part of the Chinijo Archipelago. It is located only 1.2 miles North of Lanzarote, in the Canary Islands. It is the only inhabited island in the archipelago; the others Montaña Clara, Roque del Este, Roque del Oeste and Alegranza are deserted. The whole island is a protected area under the institutional name of National Park of the Chinijo Archipelago.

    This island has an area of eleven square miles and a population of 660 people, divided into two different cities, named La Caleta del Sebo and Pedro Barba. The first one is only a fishermen settlement, but Pedro Barba is a respectable touristic area, where hotels and restaurant are found. Due to the limited hosting in La Graciosa, it is better to stay in Lanzarote and visit the island in a day-tour. Laubay Lanzarote Beach is a complete beach resort in Lanzarote, nearby the wharf where La Graciosa ferries are docked.

    La Graciosa’s people live out mainly of fishing and tourism. Every year, tourists visit the island for its warm climate and sandy volcanic coasts. The key can only be reach by ferry. Moving around La Graciosa is simple! It can either done by car or bicycle. We recommend you to go cycling, due to the lack of paved roads and long distances.

    La Graciosa is definitely an unexplored touristic destination. There are no big restaurants, resorts or clubs in the island. This is a paradise for adventure lovers along with amazing arid landscapes. Its volcanic origins are noticed everywhere, except on its yellow-sand and deep-blue beaches. Las Conchas and La Francesa are the two most popular beaches regarding its isolated location.

    Las Agujas peak, the highest elevation within the island, shows it 873 feet top over the generaly flat landscape. The mount is the best place to enjoy the incredible scenery of La Graciosa. Besides climbing to Las Agujas Peak, there are many outside activities to do, such as trekking, scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing, and cycling.

    The Chinijo Archipelago Marine Reservoir is probably one of the most interesting visit to do outside La Graciosa. The day-tour around the reservoir includes a boat trip to each of the five islands and an optative immersion to enjoy the incredible sea life.

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