• Best places to eat tapas in Madrid

    Tapas Bar en Madrid

    Listing the best places to eat tapas in Madrid is a matter of personal taste. Nevertheless, there are certain places the experts agree to include in every list.

    Tapas have become a big trend around the world, but some people still ignoring the origins of tapas. Tapas were created in the XIX century by an anonymous bartender tired of seeing flies sank into its clients’ drinks. He decided to cover the glass with a piece of cheese, meat, sausage or ham, impeding insect getting into the beverages.

    Tapas are part of Spaniard everyday life. This small bites of food can be eaten before a meal. There are an infinite variety of tapas, cheese, meat, olives, pickles, croquets, sea food, oysters, clams or fried calamari. Tapas can be bought, but they usually are given away together with a beverage. They are the perfect companion for wine, beer, champagne, cocktail or vermouth. Tapas are mainly consume at night before dinner or as dinner, and on Sundays as appetizer before a family lunch.

    You can eat tapas everywhere in Madrid. The trendiest city neighborhood to eat tapas is La Latina, mainly around Cava Alta and Cava Baja streets. Cava Baja was open in the XVII century as one of the main ways to get into the city. Suddenly, the street become a popular place to open hotels or restaurant where the big amount of travelers visiting the city can stay and rest.

    Taberna Tempranillo located in Cava Baja is a classic tapas bar. The expert recommend to try their “tostadas”, a big loaf of toasted bread topped with different ingredients. Other interesting place to try is Musa Latina, with a modern atmosphere and original tapas. La Ardosa, Taberna Arzabal and Albora are also in the top of the list.

    There is another interesting option and a very easy one for tourist willing to try different tapas within the same space: San Antón Market. This old flea market has been transformed into a gastronomical space. The stalls now are small restaurants and tapas bar where you can try different tapas recipes from different chefs without walking too much.

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