• Tenerife Easter Holidays

    Procesión de Semana Santa en la Orotava

    For most people Easter holidays represent a time to go the church and get together with their loved ones. If you are bored of the classical Easter holidays, come to Tenerife: the place where culture and religion mix with beach and relax. Easter in Tenerife is an incredible melting pot of sensations and experiences. The most famous processions and celebrations in Tenerife, take place in the cities of San Cristóbal de La Laguna, La Orotava, Güímar, Garachico, and Los Realejos.

    The Easter celebration in Tenerife combines the Spanish traditions acquired from the colonist with old rituals from the local aborigine. In Orotava the most important moments along the Easter week are the Holy Thursday procession called “El Mandato” organized by the Vera Cruz brotherhood, and the Holy Friday procession called “El Encuentro”. There are many people that comes to venerate the antique wood carving figures only shown once a year during the processions. All this carvings were created by important local artists, like José Luján Pérez, Fernando Estévez de Salas y Pedro Roldán. The three most significant pieces in Orotava Easter celebration are Notre Dame of the Glory, San John Evangelist, and Christ tight to the column, each one made by the three artist mentioned before.

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    In the southern coast the Easter celebrations start on April 11th and end on the 20th. The most relevant processions are does carried by the Parrish of Santa Úrsula Mártir in the city of Adeje, La Milagrosa in Tijoco – La Hoya, Nuestra Señora del Campo in Fañabé y San José in Los Olivos. The main action takes place on the Holy Friday with the representation of the Passion of Chris in the streets of Adeje and the procession of Nuestra Señora de la Encarnación departing from San Sebastian chapel.

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