• The Pedernales Province

    Playa los Patos, Paraiso en República Dominicana

    The Pedernales Province in Dominican Republic is located in the west side of the island in the frontier with Haiti. The name of this area –meaning in Spanish flint- comes from its curious quartz formation along the river Perdernal.

    This is a poor area with small cities. Its main attraction is the virginity of its territory. Half of the Province surface is cover with the Sierra de Bahoruco, a submarine massif that goes all across the Caribbean. This natural reservoir is the home of the biggest fresh water deposit in the Dominican Republic, the Enriquillo Lake. It is 145 square miles of lake and its surroundings are protected under the Lago Enriquillo e Isla Cabritos National Park.

    Besides, the inland territories the Pedernales Province has assigned several keys: Isla Beata, Islote Los Frailes, Isla Alto Velo and Cayo Piedra Negra. Isla Beata is the most known of them all, regarding its impressive fauna and flora. This is the home of the biggest populations of Rhinoceros iguana in the Dominican Republic.

    Another interesting attraction in the area is Jaragua National Park. This natural reservoir has a curious relief characterized by stepped terraces with small lakes called “llanos costeros”. Also this zone is one of the oldest inhabited areas in the island. There are many archeological sites dated in 2.590 B.C. and some interesting caves with petroglyph made by the Tainos –an indigenous tribes.

    The best time to visit Pedernales Province is in February, while the carnival. Every day in Pedernales the locals dance and make a parade dress-up with costume like demons. The demon-like characters carry a whip to put press on the multitude.

    If all this haven’t convince you on visiting Perdanales. Let me tell you that Paradise is located here. Well, at least a beach called Paradise that seems like it. Paradise beach is 35 kilometers southern Barahona.

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