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    Salto de Jimenoa en Jarabacoa

    Jarabacoa is a small city located in the inland of the Dominican Republic, only a couple hours driving from Be Live Canoa. It is the perfect place to escape from the touristic areas of the island. The curious name Jarabacoa come from a Taino word xarabacoa, which means “site of many rivers”. A truly named since this area of the country is crossed by the three bigger rivers in the island; the Yaque, the Jimenoa and the Baiguate. The last two even have 130 feet high water falls in the area, being the most popular Jimenoa Fall.

    Surrounded by the highest mountain in the Caribbean, Jarabacoa is the pure inland landscape. The city is located 1,640 feet above sea level, which allows the city to have a steady weather around 70 °F year-round. The stable climate is the responsible for the exuberant and dense tropical flora in the area.

    Regarding the preservation of the endemic flora and fauna the national government created two national park in the Jarabacoa region, named Armando Bermúdez and José del Carmen Ramírez. These two national parks together with the Natural Reservoir of Los Haitises and the Sierra de Baoruco National Park constituted the ecological bastion for the preservation of the landscape in the island.

    Armando Bermúdez National Park is the home of the highest mountain in the Caribbean; Armando Bermúdez peak is 10,417 feet high. The national park is also the home of the highest mountains in the Caribbean Central Cordillera; this is why it is called the roof of the Antilles. In the highest locations of the park, the low temperatures reach during the month of January and February favors the development of a specific flora and fauna. This endemic species, mainly insects and plants, are a rare case in the region and a study object. There are certain Hispaniola island endemic birds, like Monk Parakeet ‘Cotorra’ and the Palmchat ‘Cigua palmera’.

    The José Carmen Ramírez and the Armando Bermúdez National Park are almost together, only divided by a topography change that created a minor weather and landscape condition. José Carmen Ramírez National Park is perefect for trekking and canyoneering. The magnificent natural environment was the home for the Taino tribes –the ethnic group that inhabited the island before Christopher Columbus reach America. The park has a monumental route that visits the several cave paintings made by the Tainos.

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