• Nador and the Bou Areg lagoon

    Playa de Nador en Marruecos

    Nador is located in the Rif region in Morocco, just 50 miles away from Saïdia. Be Live Grand Saïdia is a luxury beach resort especially in family holidays and couples’ romantic stays. Nador is one of the many day trips exploring the Rif region that you can make from Be Live Grand Saïdia.

    Nador was founded by the Spanish colonizers in 1919 just in front of the Bou Areg lagoon. Also known as Mar Chica –small sea- this kind of atoll lagoon is from by two sand capes closing an area of water of 12.000 ha. The two sand tongues have a small opening allowing the water of the lagoon to refresh. The opening is only 400 feet. This is why the waters in Nador are really calm. The Bou Areg lagoon is an important natural reservoir for birds and also a great food provider for locals.

    Walking by the lagoon on the Maritime Boulevard while watching the locals fishing at the sunset is a pleasure. The Maritime Boulevard begins in the Corniche Park and the sports port, a perfect place to sit and relax. It ends in the Zoco o market square in downtown Nador.

    The historical center of Nador is a strange mix between Moroccan markets and classicist Spanish constructions. There a couple of visits once here: the Saint Jaques’s church and the Pilar Square. The most interesting building in Nador is the Hassan II Mosque, a huge structure that domains the city. Inside is richly decorated.

    Nador and its surrounding where the historical sites of the Rif War. This confrontation took place between 1911 and 1927. The war was between the Spanish colonizers and the local tribes demanding their independence. It was more a war of guerrillas than a big confrontation. Regarding this conflict there many historical places to visit like: mount Arruit, Beni Enzar Cliff, Noval Cape, Mount Taorit and the city of Segangane, all close to Nador.

    Another interesting visit is mount Gourogou. With its 2,000 feet high this is the best place to enjoy the Rif’s region landscape. Mount Gourogou was a very strategic point during the war. It still having a small Spanish fort on top. Not far from here there is the Tazouda Castle also a great place to admire the regions landscape.

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