• La Geria: the volcanic wine valley

    La Geria en Lanzarote

    Located in Lanzarote’s geographical center, La Geria is a peculiar wine region. Its unbelievable landscape is a testimony of persistence and hard-working. The vivid green vineyards arising from the black solidify lava are very impressive. The Lanzarote’s winegrowers are famous for its tenacity and resolution. They have turned this volcanic landscape into a prosperous agricultural valley.

    The soil in La Geria was completely cover with ashes and lava along a strong volcanic activity period in the first quarter of the eighteenth century. Now a days the fertile soil is between 2 and 3 meters deep into the volcanic subtract. The winegrowers dig a hole and plant the vineyard in the fertile soil. The plant grows protected by the surrounding by volcanic ashes and rocks. This interesting agricultural system allows the vineyards to take advantage of the water produce by the temperature changes and deposit on the ashes layer.

    The wine produce in Lanzarote has a Spanish Denominación de Origen (DO) since 1993. The grape variety produce in La Geria is mainly malvasía. This grape is considered the most antique variety in the world. It come from Greece and is well known that was already harvested in the Antique World.

    Visiting the wineries and vineyards of La Geria is a great experience. The route starts in Be Live Lanzarote Resort, a four-star all-included resort in the Teguise Coast. This is the perfect place for a family or romantic holiday. Then tale the LZ-2 until Uga, a beautiful town in the Timanfaya Valley. Not far away from Uga, there is Bodegas La Geria. This antique winery specialty is the dry white malvasía and the white Muscat.

    The next stop in the route is El Chupadero. This winery offers interesting menus combining local food and wines. Bodegas Stravs are just a few minutes away. This winery has renovated its installations. Built combining modern architecture with traditional construction elements, the new Stravs building is a must-to-see in the island. Also, pay a visit to the gourmet store inside, I’m sure you will find a great souvenir to take home.

    The last stop in the rout will be Bodejas El Grifo, very close to a small town called Masdache. Created in 1775, this winery is the oldest in the island. Besides trying the malvasía champagne produce here, visit the ethnological museum inside the winery.

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    Verónica Montuenga
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