• Corona Forestal Natural Park

    Parque Natural de la Corona Forestal en Tenerife

    The Corona Forestal Natural Park is located in Tenerife and constitutes the biggest protected area in the Canary Islands. This natural reservoir was created to protect the area around El Teide, since it is an essential part the mountains draining system. The natural park has been intensely reforested in order to create a green lung for the island. It covers 47.000 ha. of the total area of Tenerife. That means almost all the towns and cities of the island share a border with the natural park.

    The Corona Forestal N.P. is the habitat of many endemic species. Almost all the area of the park is cover with “pino canario” a specie adapted to the local weather conditions, which varied between high mountain and South Atlantic coastal temperatures. Regarding the fauna, this natural park is the home for many local and migratory birds.

    There are many interesting geomorphological formations, mainly in the Orotava Valley and Güimar Valley. Both canyons are located in opposite edges of the park. Also, both constituted a great location for hiking. The most visited spot is the Humboldt terrace, in Orotava Valley. This terrace has the best view over the island of Tenerife.

    The Güimar Valley is famous among the rappel lovers. The most popular canyons for this practice are Chamorro, Rïo, Chingaro, Amance and Añavingo. El Río Canyon is a long and deep canal that goes thoigh Degollada de Guajara, almost next to Teide.

    Those interested in volcanos, the Corona Forestal Natural Park brings the opportunity to see a new volcanos, like Arafo and Montaña Grande. Both included in the Malpaís de Güimar Foratal Reservoir, this volcanos, are one of the most interesting natural formations in the island. Don’t worry, the last volcanic eruption in the area was declared in 1705… you are safe!

    In the most visited places in the Corona Forestal Natural Park are listed the lunar landscapes of Altos de Vilaflro, the black caves in Pico Viejo, Salto de las Hiedras waterfall and the Montaña Centinela. Make sure you don’t leave the island without at least visited on of these. Being hosted in Be Live Orotava makes really comfortable for those traveler interesting in discovering the natural landscape of Tenerife. This 4-stars all-included resort is locates in Puerto de la Cruz, next to the beaches and the park.

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