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    Carnaval de Santo Domingo

    Like almost all the cultural tradition in the Caribbean, carnival, was brought by European colonists. Once in the new continent the old traditions started to be transformed mainly influence by the African slaves culture. The carnival is celebrated almost in every Caribbean island, but the two most important ones are those that take place in the Dominican Republic and Cuba.

    Dominican Republic Carnival

    The Dominican carnival is celebrated almost in every town of the island. The best well known parade is in downtown Santo Domingo, only 18 miles away from Be Live Hamaca Beach. This incredible resort located in Boca Chica beach is the perfect place to enjoy both, the beautiful Dominican beaches and the carnival parades.

    Santo Domingo’s National Parade main attractions are the colorful and elaborated costumes used to create a series of stereotype characters.The most interesting character are the “diablos cojuelos” that personify a satire of the Devil. They wear colorful costumes decorated with small mirrors and thousands of glass beans. Also, their face is completely cover by a mask with horns, simulated the devil. There are other characters representing or parodying the Dominican culture and society, too. Along the parade everybody dance to the rhythm of merengue and other Caribbean music. It’s party time!

    Carnaval de La Habana

    Cuba’s Carnival

    The most popular carnival in Cuba takes place in Santiago de Cuba, but the most historical one is celebrated in Havana. To enjoy the carnival’s parade and the beautiful nature of Cuba, it is better to find a hotel out of Havana. Be Live Turquesa is the ideal place for family and couple vacations, enjoying both Varadero beaches and the carnival celbrations.

    The origins of the Cuban carnival can be traced back to 1576, when slaves were given permission by the town council of Havana to participate in the Corpus Christi’s procession. Every year Cubans wait for carnival to show the world their creativity and culture.The main parade takes place in the Malecón –the beach promenade- in the old Havana. Its participants dance to the rhythm of salsa and charangas dress in colorful costumes. The most interesting characters are the “faloreros” and the “muñecones”, a huge personification of the most popular people on Cuban culture and society. The party is really lively, regarding the incredible amount of run that locals ingest during the parade. An explosive mix for a great festivity!

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