• Sagres and Cape St. Vincent

    Vista aerea del Cabo de San Vicente

    Cape St. Vincent is the southeastern point of Portugal and it marks the end of the Cádiz Golf.  In the Antique World, this geographical accident has been considered the end of the world, Romans even make it a sacred place in honor to Saturn. Located only 35 miles away of Be Live Palmerias Village, Cape St. Vincent and its picturesque surrounding villages are a great day tour for those traveler interested in navigation and Portugal history.

    The first stop along the way is Sagres, a village that shines a tranquility contrasting with the loud Algarve’s summer atmosphere. The beaches in Sagres have golden sand and deep blue waters. But, this is a historical route, so cheer-up and head for the Fortaleza de Sagres. This building was constructed to host the Infante Enrique Navigation School. The most prestigious sailors school in the fiftieth century, because this institution was the main impulse for American and Africa Portuguese discovers.

    The Sagres Fortress is located on the Saint Vincent Cape. The fortress and the cape are part of the Sudoeste Alentejano y Costa Vicentina Natural Park. This reservoir stars in São Torpes on the Atlantic Coast of Portugal and ends in Burgau on the Cadiz Gulf Coast, creating a 110 km. of natural protected area.

    Also known as the Sagres Castle, the fortress is surrounded by a perimeter wall on its east side. At the end of the wall on each side, there are two sculptures, one represent Saint Barbara, the patron of navy, and the other Saint Antony, the patron of the Portuguese army. In the middle of the wall stand a huge arch called The Monumental Entrance, a neoclassic structure build in 1783. Once inside the fortress has more than one building: a church, a tower, a powder keg and different warehouse structures.

    The Compass Rose created in the sixteenth century is one of the most beautiful places inside the fortress. It has a 32 legs star marking every route taken for the Portuguese on its expeditionary travels.  Nearby, there is the Notre Dame of the Grace church. It is a simple building with an impressive interior. There is only one this that rest to end this trip. Head back to Sagres fin a nice restaurant on the coast and enjoy the sunset over Cape St. Vincent.

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    Verónica Montuenga
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