• Siam Park in Tenerife

    Tenerife is a synonyms of beaches and warm weather, but there is a special place for everybody in the island. If you are looking for family fun while being hosted in Be Live La Niña, Siam Park is your place to be. This amusement park has a great number of attractions for everybody in the family group. Young children can play and enjoy the day in Sawasdee, an aquatic park made especially for them. Parents can relax sailing in a tube or water slides trough the waters of Mai Thai River or simply enjoy a cocktail while sunbathing in Siam artificial beach. Dragon and Kinnaree are the favorite attractions of those who love the adrenaline. If you are a surfing lover, there is no better place to prove your courage that The Wave Palace. This swimming pool has the record of having the biggest artificial wave in the world, 10 feet.

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