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    La Romana is a loud and dense city in Dominican Republic, mainly because of the tourist that visit it every year. Located in the east region of the island, between Punta and Santo Domingo, this city has a glorious past and a promise future. Today, La Romana is the location of many popular tourist resorts like Be Live Canoa. Many Hollywood celebrities have pass by this city, looking for a piece of paradise.

    La Romana was founded by a group of Cuban pilgrims in the 1870. They were looking for a safe place to establish their sugar plantation away from the war in their country, but with the same soil quality and weather conditions. The Cuban landlords brought their agriculture technology and transformed this area into one of the most productive sugar cane plantation in the Caribbean. Since 1920, La Romana and its neighbor San Pedro de Macorís prospered becoming important cities. With the eminent domain policy applied during the American occupation this lands became abandoned and used as a severe combat guerrilla field between the local resistance and the U.S navy. In 1960 the American company Gulf & Western Industries bought La Romana plantation and transformed it into a beach resort. This new industry grew stronger in the area along the years, becoming the economic engine of the country.

    La Romana is a small active city with many stores and a few monuments to visit: the Obelisk in Main Square, imitating Washington Memorial, and the baseball field. This sport was brought by the Cuban pilgrims and become one of the most popular in the country. The local team, Toros del Este, is one of the best ones of the island. Nearby, La Romana, there are great places to visit like Cueva de las Maravillas National Park, Altos de Chavón and Catalina Island.

    Cueva de las Maravillas (Wonders Cavern) is a 2.600 feet long gallery decorated with 500 cave paintings made by the local tribes in the ancient time. The visit is mandatory guided and goes trought an easy-to-walk and well illuminated path. It worth a visit. In the other hand Altos de Chavón is one of the most visit attraction in La Romana, even though this movie set has nothing to be with the history or the past of the area.  It is a re-creation of a medieval European village conceived from the imagination of Roberto Copa, a former Paramount Pictures set designer. Finally, Catalina Island is the must-to of the area. This amazing key was a pirate’s secret shelter for centuries. Even, the famous Sir Frances Drake was hidden here. Today the key is one of the most important scuba divers site; offering all level immersions around a shipwreck called Quedagh Merchant, captain by Willliam Kidd.

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