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    barrio de pescadores de Albufeira

    Discover Albufeira it is really easy from Be Live Palmeiras Village. The white houses of Albufeira covert the natural cliffs between beautiful sandy beaches in the Atlantic Ocean. In the first half of the XX century, this city become popular as the most visited beach destination within Portugal. Tourism haven’t changed the slow and peaceful life of this fisherman village, today consider one of the most important places to visit in Algarve.

    Arrifes, San Rafael, Coelha, Castelo, Evaristo, Manuel Lourenço, Galé, Oura, Santa Eulália, Balaia, Olhos d´Água, Belharucas y Falésia are names that you should includie in your list of beaches to visit in Albufeira. Even though people come to Algarve because of its warm weather and its 300 days of sun a year, Albufeira, offers the traveler the opportunity to get deeper into the culture of the coastal towns of Portugal.

    Albufeira was a settlement founded in the Prehistory. It became an important city while the Arabic occupation, but it wasn’t until Romans conquered, that it turn into a prolific fishing center. The exciting history of the city is well explained in the Archeological Museum, one of the most interesting visit in town. There are many places to see in the Albufeira’s historical downtown, like the Clock Tower transformed now in a prison or the amazing Matriz Church that host the local Virgin image created by Samora Barros, a very important local artist. Also include in your tour itinerary the Sacred Museum in San Sebastian church, Mercy church, Saint Ana church and Inmaculada Concepcion church. The incredible amount of church on the city is a declaration of faith and veneration, typical of the Algarve region. The best moment to feel this devotional atmosphere is during the local Saints celebration in August and September.

    The best way to end a day discovering Albufeira, is to take a walk around the fisherman neighborhood. Here, the white houses with blue windows are connected thought stairs and small squares converted in terraces where travelers can sight the whole city. The lower part of the fisherman area is rua Cândido dos Reis a street full all fish market places transformed into restaurant. There is not better end for a day in Albufeira that watch the sunset drinking wine and having a great sea food meal.

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