• Teide the sacred mountain


    Provably you didn’t know that Spain’s highest mountain is in Tenerife, one of the seven Canary island. Mount Teide is its name and is 3.718 m. or 12,198 ft high active volcano. In fact, it is the third biggest volcano on the planet Earth. Although, Tenerife has an amazing temperature year average of 70 Fahrenheit degrees, Mount Teide it is covered with snow for at least a couple month. It is really curious to see tourist enjoying sunbathing at the beach while the mountain remains white. This phenomena even surprise local aborigines that baptized the island, Tenerife, which means “white mountain” in guanche language.

    Long time ago, local aborigines think Mount Teide was sacred and that all the bad thing where hold inside. Today, this pick is part of the National Park organization in Spain and also it is been declare World Heritage by UNESCO. The unique environment attracts tourist to Tenerife, but also scientists interested on active volcanos and geology. Resent discovers show that Mount Teide is the most similar landscape on Earth to Marts surface. Interesting right? Regarding this matter NASA used as a simulation environment and many Hollywood studios as a set for science fiction movies.

    Images en Creative Commons Flickr: lju photo, Santiago Atienza, Peter Huys, Pablo F. J., Jeff Holt, Victor R. Ruiz.

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