• Teguise Rancho’s an antique Christmas tradition

    Danzas en Teguise, Lanzarote

    A pirate’s refugee on the past, today, Teguise’s Coast is one of the most beautiful beach landscapes in the southeast coast of Lanzarote. This great preserve environment is it the scenario where Be Live Lanzarote Resort is set. Not far from the resort, only six miles inside land, is Teguise, one of the oldest town on the island. This villa was constructed over an antique local aborigine’s settlement and until 1852 was the capital of the island. Actually, Arrecife is the capital of the island and the biggest city on it.

    Teguise was invaded by pirates, colony by Spanior and ruled by Franciscan friars. This amazing history resulted as an extraordinary mix of cultures with a rather extended number of expressions. One the most interesting ones is called “los Ranchos de Navidad”. A numerous collection of Christmas songs that are only play along the mass on the 24 of December. Its origins go back to antique shepherd’s songs with very primitive lyrics and music.

    Teguise’s tradicional songs –ranchos- are consider the oldest ones of the twelve cataloged on the Canary Islands.  There has been found several manuscripts that show this musical practice has been done since the XIV century. The songs haven’t remain the same for the past four centuries, it is well known that they have been influence by African and peninsular costums. Originaly, Los Ranchos were songs play along the year, but with the time they remain to be a special melody for Christmas. The festive rhythms of these song contrast with the idea of the conventional carols, but they are a marvelous show worth to see.

    Traditionaly, Los Ranchos de Navidad are play by groups of twenty people all singing and playing guitars, drums and timples – a traditional Spanish plucked string instrument of the Canary Islands. Teguise’s Ranchos have also a four people dance crew that performs only for child Jesus, turning the back to the audience. For those who are interested on exceptional cultural expressions you have to come to spend holiday time in Lanzarote and visit Teguise on Christmas Eve. There are also other villas in the island that offer Ranchos show, like San Bartolomé, Tías, Haría, Tinajo y Yaiza.

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