• Los Haitises National Park

    Parque Nacional de los Haitises, Republica Dominicana

    Los Haitises National Park was founded in 1976 to protect a typical tropical rain forest extension of 319 square miles. Its name “Haitises” means high land or mountains land, regarding the elevations on the area called “mogotes”. The mogotes are the highest mountains on the island even though they only reach 130 feet high. This landscape together with its fauna and flora constitutes the common tropical rain forest ecosystem of the Caribbean islands.

    Los Haitises National is located next to Samaná Bay and Be Live Grand Punta Cana. Given this proximity to important tourist icons, there are many local business and hotels that offer day trips to the national park. To get to Los Haitises is better to do it by boat from Samaná than do it by car through Sabana Larga, since the highway is a very bad shape. Usually a day-trip to Haitises stars with a visit to several of the many keys on the park, then an itinerary through the mangroves and finally a walk tour around the tropical forest. Also, the excursions can include a tour to the caves on the area. If you are committed to visit this extraordinary natural reservoir do not forget to wear sunblock cream and mosquito repellent.

    The indigenous flora in Los Haitises includes Mahogany, Cedar, Copey and Ceiba trees that used to cover the whole Dominican Republic Island before the tourist boom. For the birdwatchers there is a special spot called Cayo de los Pajaros –Birds Key. There they can enjoy the observation of local birds like parrots, sparrow hawk, owl, pelicans, auras, doves, northern Gannet and other seabirds. Along the boat itinerary it is very easy to enjoy the presence of manatees, dolphins and fish schools. For those interested in speleology and local tribes don’t miss the visit to cueva de la Linea and cueva de la Arena. This two caves are decorated with local tribes and prehistoric painting on the walls that represent an interesting way to learn about the habitant of the island before Spanish colonization.

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