• Los Cabañeros National Park


    If you are visiting Madrid area and wondering which is the best spot to get in touch with nature? You definitely are looking for Cabañeros National Park. Only 45 min. away from Be Smart Talavera, the amazing nature reservoir is one of the biggest nationals park in Europe. It has 45.000ha and its area extends over two different states –Ciudad Real and Toledo.  The incredible biodiversity is what make authority’s to create the protected zone. Especially the huge amount of native bird on the park that attracts birds-watcher from all over the world. This landscape is consider one of the best examples of Mediterranean mountain forest in the whole Iberian Peninsula.

    Even though this is a national park, humans are allow to live, but mainly from the sustainable agriculture and cattle grow. Obviously this practices are being regulated to maintain the integrity of the area. There are eleven towns inside the park, each one has a curios name: Alcoba de los Montes, El Robledo, Fontanarejo, Hontanar, Horcajo de Los Montes, Los Navalucillos, Navalpino, Navas de Estena, Pueblonuevo del Bullaque, Retuerta del Bullaque and Santa Quiteria. All of them are very easy to visit, since they are connected with the national highway. Some of the far on the towns offer the possibility to experience the real Spanish country life, including courses of cheese making, milking and shepherd. These activities are ideal for families with children.

    There are three main ways to visit around Los Cabañeros National Park: by 4×4, riding a horse or walking. For those interested in trekking before getting any farther make sure to contact the administration office of the park to know which trials remain close. Trials are perfectly singed, but also there is a free guide tour for those who don’t feel comfortable adventuring by their selves. Make sure you make a reservation in advance. The best routes for trekking are del Boqueron de Estena, de Navalucillos and de Gargantilla. If you are looking for botanical or fauna better take the trail on Torre de Abraham and Casa Palillos. For those interested in bike trekking there is one trial prepare for called Colada de Navalrincón. The 4×4 tours and the Horse Riding Experience are manage by private companys, in ordes to book get into the page of the Los Cabañeros National Park.

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    Verónica Montuenga
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