• Cayo Piedras del Norte Maritime Park

    Buceo en Varadero, Cuba

    Cayo Piedras del Norte Maritime Park is located around 8 nautical miles northeast of Playa las Calaberas in Varadero.  The fun stars along the boat trip -less than one hour journey- from Be Live Turquesa. Although, that is only an appetizer of what is sitting on this unique natural reservoir with an area of 2 square nautical miles. Cayo Piedras del Norte is scuba divers Cuba’s paradise version. Here, you can swim along seven wrecked ships, including: a yacht, a rocket launcher boat, a 102-meter long frigate, an AN-24 passenger airplane and a towboat, all deliberated sank on the nineties. The most popular is the yacht know as Coral Negro –Black Coral- because its well preserve structure allows professionals to get inside in a  kind of treasure hunting.

    The sinking assortment of vessels in Cayo Piedras del Norte Maritime Park are disposed of to create a perfect attraction on the sea for scuba divers of all levels, since there are immersions from 40 to 90 feet depth. Even though, all the wrecked ships where sank deliberately they still being on famous Bermuda’s Triangle waters adding some mystery to the journey. For those less adventurous, there is a glass-bottom boat that goes around the area. This is a great idea to spend a day for families with children underage.

    Those who like to sunbathe on the beach can enjoy the virginal nature of the island and make a small walk to the Lighthouse. This building is known as “Los pinzones” in honor to the two bother sailors that accompany Christopher Columbus on his first trip to America. Cayo Piedras del Norte Lighthouse marks the entrance of Cardenas Bay, one of the most beautiful landscapes in Varadero. Built in 1856, the beacon, is one of the oldest in the island. Its structure is pretty simple and a bit shabby, but still being useful to conduct ship along the sheer coast of Cuba.

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    Verónica Montuenga
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