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    If Mount Isabel de Torres, with its exquisite designed park, offers one of the best views you can enjoy on Puerto Plata, commuter bliss is even greater when they discover, by the natural beauty that surrounds them, that they are located within one of the most important national parks of Dominican Republic.

    We are located in the south of the city, where an enormous natural zone extends over an area of about 16 square kilometers known as Isabel Torres National Park, named for the homonymous hill next to it, a peak located 800 meters above sea level and which is accessed via cable car.

    From the beach to the top of the massif, the trip gives us the opportunity to see Puerto Plata at its best at any time of day, although the time of dawn is perhaps the most spectacular, with a unique contrast of lights.

    Many tourists get shocked reaching the top as they see an almost exact replica of the Christ of Corcovado, in Rio de Janeiro. Thus, in Mount Isabel de Torres, the stone image of a redeemer of 16 meters contemplates the city.

    Around, an authentic botanical garden full of biodiversity based on species typical of subtropical forested wetlands, an habitat for over 30 species of birds, some endemic to the area.

    At the top of Mount Isabel de Torres, after all kinds of photographs and recordings to capture the moment in one of the most photogenic sites of Puerto Plata, you can watch and buy some typical craft in the souvenir shops or take a good cup of coffee at the restaurant before starting the descent.

    Ana Pérez
    Ana Pérez
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