• Mallorca Beaches: Sa Calobra

    Sa Calobra

    Let’s take our time in Mallorca to approach one of the most popular and special beaches of the Balearic Islands. Sa Calobra is a beach that offers a range of incentives, from its location to the way to access it, which make it the preferred location for domestic and foreign tourists.

    We are just at 40 kilometers from the Mallorcan town of Soller and at the foot of the tallest Balearic mountain of Puig Mayor. In an enclave of dramatically access, we will enjoy this unique piece of coast between wild cliffs and attached to the wonderful Torrent de Pareis mouth.

    No wonder that this spectacular and bright nature appears in paintings, photographs and works of all kinds of artists. Muses do not have to do much effort because Sa Calobra inspires by itself.

    It is accessible by sea, although it is preferable not to anchor in the area due to the strong and opposed winds. Anyway, there are several anchorages.

    The other way to get to Sa Calobra is driving through a ‘devilish’ road full of curves. Nus de sa Tie, as is known the road, has in just 14 km, a dozen of curious little curves of 180 º and one of incredible 360 º. No joke!

    Now, the ride is worth it and enjoy this sandy and rocky cove, protected by steep cliffs, it is a wonderful experience for swimmers and lovers of nature and landscape photography.

    Mar Santiago
    Mar Santiago
    She is a journalist and traveler, specialized in other cultures and countries in conflict. Mar has worked for major media networks as RNE, Diario16 Malaga and EFE.

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