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    Costa de los Cocoteros

    There’s no a more idyllic landscape than Macao Beach in Punta Cana. By dint of topics and much Caribbean quaintness, this stretch of coastline of Dominican Republic happens to be one of the most stunning beaches of all the Caribbean, known like that by UNESCO. Not without reason, of course: White sand, palm trees and a lot of surf.

    Macao Beach is located in one of the most protected areas of Dominican Republic and the truth is that we are in one of the few concessions that have been made to public use in the Coconut Coast. Although it has been ‘invaded’ by tourism infrastructures, they have managed to keep the landscape intact.

    In fact, Macao Beach, with its long and impressive sandy area is able to offer visitors places to escape from the ordinary world, alone to enjoy the benefits of this eternal Caribbean landscape of idyllic water at a temperature around 27 º C.

    The beach offers an extra incentive to surfers. His great waves make it the ideal destination to enjoy on the board and surfers from around the world decide to ‘ride’ in this area of the Caribbean Sea, an activity that complemented by buggy rides and squads on the roads invaded by sand that linked the coastal towns along Macao Beach.

    And for visitors that like a more relaxed holiday, the shallow and calm waters of the Macao Beach bay allow a nice bath, with space enough to enjoy without being bothered at all.

    Ana Pérez
    Ana Pérez
    She has studied in different countries and in several languages, which marked her character and broadened her sight. In the past few years, Ana has been working as an online content editor.

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