• Cienfuegos, the newest city in Cuba

    Cienfuegos - Cuba

    Let’s travel to Cienfuegos, the newest city in Cuba and one of the most beautiful in the Caribbean country, which its inhabitants have dubbed ‘The Pearl of the South’. Our Cuban holidays should leave us space to wander through the old town of Cienfuegos, World Heritage by UNESCO.

    The newest city in Cuba has not yet fulfilled its 200th anniversary, a fact that will occur in 2019, which will mark the founding of the town. The incident occurred on April 22, when the French colonists settled and gave the city the name of Ferdinand VII.

    A decade later the French monarch gave the permission to change the name of Villa Fernandina de Jagua by Cienfuegos.

    These sources have determined the native character of a city in which culture we can find mixed French, Spanish and of course, the native black and mestizo cultures. The result is a kind of mix that reinforces the charm of Cienfuegos.

    If we focus on the center of the city, World Heritage by UNESCO, we realize the French style influence at architecture, with an eclectic and neoclassical urban layout and clear and wide streets.

    Don’t pass up the chance to wander around the fantastic National Monument of the Botanic Gardens, the Castillo de Jagua, a fortress designed to defend eighteenth century piracy, or walk along the Malecon, with views always admirable of a unique sea all around the world.

    Ana Pérez
    Ana Pérez
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