• Punta Cana Fun Fun Cave: Back to the Stone Age

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    In Dominican Republic, specifically in the area of Punta Cana, along with Haïtises National Park, one of the most important protected natural areas in the country, we find Fun Fun Cave, one of the biggest caves in the world.

    Excursions to this immense and spectacular cave should always be done with specialized personnel, hence the importance of hiring the tour with agencies and operators with proven experience, who will give us everything needed so the experience become something really extraordinary.

    The name of the cave, ‘fun fun’, is due to the noise make by bats when flying. The cave is the natural habitat of hundreds of these mammals. But we also have stalactites and stalagmites of spectacular dimensions, underground waterways and lakes where bathing is permitted.

    Punta Cana Fun Fun Cave is like returning to the Stone Age, with more than 20 million years old. Paintings and engravings, before pre-Columbian period, adorn many of the walls as an added value to a unique place.

    We must highlight the petroglyphs of the entrance of the cave and some pictographs made ​​deeper… For the people of the time, the Fun Fun Cave was the very abode of the gods.

    Fun Fun is still largely unknown; because despite its 25 kilometers long, only 8 of them have been explored and 2.5 kilometers are opened to the public.

    Despite all, nobody can deny the adventurous nature of the tour, which has every incentive to enjoy: rappel, swim in underground rivers, subtropical forest walks… A unique experience.

    Ana Pérez
    Ana Pérez
    She has studied in different countries and in several languages, which marked her character and broadened her sight. In the past few years, Ana has been working as an online content editor.

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