• A lobster lunch in Varadero

    Un almuerzo de langosta en Varadero

    Cuban cuisine will be one of the biggest attractions of your stay on the island. Especially all seafood products that Cuban Sea will provide you. Succulent dishes at an incredible price.

    A lobster lunch in Varadero has become one of the typical activities to do in this touristic town of Matanzas. Even Cuba modern kitchen has named a dish with this shellfish: Varadero Lobster.

    This delicacy is very appetizing and there are numerous places on the island where we can taste it. Also, if you take advance of the Cubans advice, you can eat Lobster Varadero at some typical local only for 10 or 12 euros, as the average price of lobster in Cuba is about 15 pesos, a real bargain for the palate of the tourists.

    The stew is one of the most delicious of the Island, fresh and rather large lobster, around 1,200 kilograms of the best seafood ever.

    They usually serve Varadero Lobster once they have removed the tail, fins and coral, properly sliced and seasoned. Then the chef will stir the seafood with oil and after flambéed it with the popular Cuban rum, let it cook in a delicious creole sauce, so representative of Caribbean cuisine.

    Afterwards the Varadero Lobster has a very Spanish touch, as it will be washed down with authentic Jerez Wine.

    Whoever gets to resist such a tasty treat, will return from Cuba without having tried one of the best dishes of the island, a unique dining experience, perfect to enjoy a fantastic lobster.

    CC Image: Flickr/Yassef

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