• Be Live Grand Punta Cana: visit paradise on a wheelchair

    Miguel Nonay en Be Live Grand Punta Cana

    Thanks to travelers like Miguel Nonay, a restless adventurer whom his wheelchair is not prevented from carrying out his dream to see the world, Globalia professionals, Halconviajes.com and our Be Live Grand Punta Cana, have been proud of the qualification that his experience has given to our services and our facilities in the Dominican Republic.

    Miguel, already known by his Twitter @asaltodemata, with nearly 9,000 followers, has spent a Be Live Hotels holiday with us in Punta Cana and also has had the courtesy to make a study of accessibility for ‘Travelers without Limits’, adventurers with some disabilities who must travel with their wheelchairs.

    His appreciation for everything related to the travel; from the hotel to the level of accessibility of excursions and activities that we propose in our vacation packages, have given us an adrenaline self-esteem and made us see that thanks to people as Miguel Nonay, our efforts to improve access to places like Be Live Grand Punta Cana have been worth it.

    In addition, his expert opinion has made us fall in some stuff we still have to improve and thanks to his visit and commitment; we are ready to do our work to make Be Live Punta Cana fully accessible to all types of travelers. Of course, with this kind of visitors, our work to do becomes very much easier and gratifying.

    In case you want to know his own experiences, here you can find the link to his blog A Salto de Mata. But we want to thank him in advance for appreciating the efforts made to make our spaces within the hotel, both in the common facilities and adapted guest rooms, to obtain large areas easily accessible for people with disabilities and, above all, we want to transfer him the gratitude of our entire Be Live Grand Punta Cana staff, of who has highlighted his kindness, readiness and availability to help all types of customer and tried to make your holiday spectacular.

    By the way, our friend Miguel Nonay, “Wheelchair experiential Traveler. Friendly No Limit spaces conversion. I’m a walking of the world “, as he defined himself in his Twitter profile, have visited us in our hotel Be Live Grand Punta Cana, where he enjoyed the deserved award he won last year in the Tweets Awards.

    We are grateful to Miguel for the many compliments he gave us and also for the support he has given to our infrastructure and accessibility, experiences and excursions. Our staff has been pleased with a client so experienced and with such a human level. We hope him to return as soon as possible.

    Image: Miguel Nonay © A Salto de Mata

    Mar Santiago
    Mar Santiago
    She is a journalist and traveler, specialized in other cultures and countries in conflict. Mar has worked for major media networks as RNE, Diario16 Malaga and EFE.

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