• Shopping at Teguise market in Lanzarote

    mercadillo Teguise

    Teguise has become by its own right and infrastructure in one of the most tourist locations on the island of Lanzarote. But once a week the streets of Teguise bustle with life and marketing; is the ideal time to integrate in the city.

    On Sunday morning, from very early, vendors work hard setting up their stalls. In a couple of hours is installed Teguise market, which occupies almost all the village streets.

    Its unique distribution brightens a township tour quite interesting and pleasant, of tranquil beauty. It is time to get advantage, because in this huge Sunday market you can find everything.

    It is true that there you will find the most typical products of any street market of the peninsula, but also you will have the opportunity to investigate the Canarian local crafts products, especially the ones from Lanzarote, including a fantastic costume jewelery, made ​​from lava.

    The proximity of Africa could not go unnoticed and wood, masks, leather goods, leather and the most typical thing of the black continent also have their space.

    Many traditional shops open their doors, because we are in a place eminently touristic in Teguise, so while you are touring you can visit the local shops and the Sunday market stalls.

    Of course a visit to this market of Lanzarote, on Sunday morning, is an enjoyable activity where you can take more of a souvenir as a memento of your visit to the exotic volcanic island. Especially if you travel with specialized agencies such as Halconviajes. com and Air Europa.

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    Mar Santiago
    Mar Santiago
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