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    That music is part of the DNA of the Cubans is incontrovertible. The crossbreeding of the inhabitants of the island and the continued ‘invasions’, from Spanish to Americans, regardless of African heritage and itching Caribbean made of Cuba the island of rhythm and son.

    So jazz is different, because even being a product linked to the imperialist ‘enemies’, the fact is that the magic of jazz poisoned their blood long ago, before the revolution and Cuban jazz musicians have had to overcome a before and after to continue expressing their musicality.

    The black films of the 40s filmed by Hollywood and projected on the island in double session, for a few pennies, began to awaken the passion of so many people of Cuba.

    Then when mobsters, corrupt politicians and blatant fortunes turned the island into the U.S. ‘casino’, world jazz figures came from North America to perform and entertain the evenings of that ‘select’ audience.

    However, Cubans did what they could to attend the concerts of their favorite artists and assimilated this musical style giving it his own imprint. Cuban jazz was born with fantastic musicians and great talents.

    The revolution and the rejection of anything related with Yankee enemies ended up promoting the prohibition of jazz in Cuba. However, lovers of the genre could never force their feet, hands, voices… to suppress an art that dominated to perfection and went through their pores.

    Years later, the Government of Cuba allowed, again, to jazz take its course on the island, which has benefited all lovers of good music.

    Creative Commons or Public Domain Image: Flickr/Bruce Tuten

    Ana Pérez
    Ana Pérez
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