• Can Marça Ibiza Cova

    Cova Can Marça

    There is no doubt that Ibiza is one of the most spectacular of all the Balearic Islands. Its white houses, its beautiful beaches, its lively nightlife, the freedom that permeates the atmosphere… But Ibiza also has an underground world where Can Marça Cova has its own identity.

    This cave, which initially served to another era smugglers to conceal any illegal merchandise, was discovered by these characters and we can still distinguish the roads marked in color so their accomplices could find the entrance.

    However, it was not until the 70s of the twentieth century when a Belgian caver came to the Balearic Islands and was fascinated by the abrupt Ibiza subsurface settings, especially in Can Marça Cova, were the own inhabitants of the town of San Miguel, the place in which it is located, helped him to discover it.

    They also helped him to identify the inputs and outputs from the mouths of the cliffs. And in that moment began a new life for Can Marça Cova, with archaeological and anthropological studies that revealed that the cavity had more than 100,000 years old.

    Today tourists can enjoy a tour through the cave of about 40 meters enabled… enough to be amazed with the beauty of stalagmites and stalactites, rivers, waterfalls, the spectacular fossilized mountain formations and stunning lakes.

    There are no problems to hire this guided tour with professionals such as Halconviajes.com and Air Europa, which will help us to make the experience even more instructive.

    CC Image: Flickr/PeacockArmageddon

    Mar Santiago
    Mar Santiago
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