• Bavaro Splash, ¡Let’s enjoy Dominican Republic!

    Bávaro Splash

    Halconviajes.com and Air Europa have everything designed for the traveler on Dominican territory. It was expected, especially from a group of professionals and experts who know the Caribbean country like the back of his hand and spent decades dedicated to the tourist service. So getting bored with them will be absolutely impossible. Especially with fun activities such as Bavaro Splash.

    We are in Punta Cana and spend much of our time to one of the most beautiful areas of the Dominican Republic, with one of the most famous beaches of the Americas.

    Of course we are talking about Bavaro Beach, whose panoramic reflects the most typical and heavenly topic of ‘Caribbean concept’: clear waters, crystalline, white sands, turquoise impossible to reproduce and a spectacular seabed.

    With all these ingredients, plus if you like diving and you are a more daring traveler, you just have to contact with the Halconviajes.com guide and there, on arrival if you prefer, they’ll provide you everything you need to live a unique experience: Bavaro Splash.

    They will put at your disposal your own speedboat, so you can sail around Bavaro and reach the platform near the stunning coral reef. There, in the middle of sea, equipped with mask, snorkel and fins, you will enjoy the wonderful, colorful and abundant marine life of Punta Cana

    Sincerely, Bavaro Splash is a spectacular experience for all those tourists who never hurt for a good adrenaline rush. ¡Let’s enjoy it!

    CC Image: Flickr/dbrekke

    Ana Pérez
    Ana Pérez
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