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    Let’s go shopping at one of the most emblematic places of the Dominican Republic capital, the famous Mercado Modelo de Santo Domingo, a place to find anything and an imperative walk to appreciate the diversity of the Caribbean country.

    The Mercado Modelo of Santo Domingo is located in the colonial part of the city, concretely on Avenida Mella, a few steps away from Parque Independencia and Altagracia. The prize for the tourist will be a festival of color and a flurry of Dominican life, ideal for purists.

    Many call the Mercado Modelo by another name: The Little Haiti. The reason is obvious; in this area traded a large group of Haitians living in Santo Domingo and the mixture of both nationalities summarize the concept of La Española.

    Flowers, handicrafts, paintings, tropical fruits, the famous faceless dolls, spells and potions for moorings, food, embroidery, costumes… The Mercado Modelo of Santo Domingo is the perfect place to find anything you want to take as a souvenir of your trip through Dominican Republic.

    Haggling is allowed but we should not be too frugal when it comes the moment to pay. Most of the objects you’ll find in the craft market stalls have been made ​​by the industrious hands of peasant families inside the country.

    As if this detail was little reason, the joy and dedication with which vendors cater to tourists will be a sufficient incentive for us to feel, once again, in the Caribbean paradise.

    Venturing acroos their stands and story will not be complicated and will be a real fun experience if we do it with one of the specialised guides of companies such as Halconviajes.com and Air Europa, who include a visit to the Mercado Modelo in their guided tours of the area.

    CC Image: Flickr/Luigi Crespo Photography

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