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    Customers of our new Hotel Be Live Palmeiras Village, located in the village of Porches, in Portuguese Algarve, in one of the most beautiful touristic area and southern point of the Atlantic, can enjoy one of the most spectacular views of the ocean from Nossa Senhora da Rocha Chapel.

    The ‘capela‘, as pronounced in Portuguese, is inside Porches Castle, a medieval fortification which enjoys a stunning location on a cliff overlooking the view over the waters of the Atlantic.

    There was already an old castle in the thirteenth century, in what was called Old Porches, a town that eventually gave rise to the present one. That old ancestor, dominated by Romans, was much closer to the coast and defensive and tactical issues advised his transfer to the place it now occupies.

    However, the fortress that we refer now, the one that houses inside the Capela de Nossa Senhora da Rocha, is from the XVI century, when it was commanded to build by King John III, trying to get an effective defense of the coast between Faro and Lago, a place of predilection for Moorish piracy.

    Even though there’s not much archaeological information of this fabulous enclave, everything seems to indicate that the fort had been erected before the Muslim invasion of Portugal coasts.

    Anyway, today is an essential place to watch a memorable sunset and get one of the best photographs of our stay in Porches.

    CC Image: Wiki/Rsantus

    Mar Santiago
    Mar Santiago
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