• Mallorcan sobrassada

    artesanas de la sobrasada

    It is so famous and a delight so extraordinary that has its own Sobrassada Regulatory Council of Mallorca. Without a doubt, along with ensaimadas, is one of the star products of the Balearic Islands cuisine.

    Its origin goes back to those moments where nomads of Middle East had to find ways to preserve food for long periods. They took advantage of salting and seasoning technique to preserve, in a naturally way, meat products.

    The establishment of the name –sobrassada in Catalan- seems to have to do with the Renaissance Mediterranean customs, especially of that Italian technique called sopressa that means ‘pressed’.

    All this long process crystallizes in the sixteenth century, when the Majorcan sobrassada becomes a unique product of craftsmanship and completely linked to the Balearic Island with a red touch, thanks to the peppers that come from America.

    The real Mallorca sobrasada must bear a label from Regulatory Council, which ensures that the product is authentic and has passed all quality standards.

    Once discovered all mysteries the way we want to buy it is up to us, but in all its variants is exquisite. Depending on the stuff shape, time of maturation and weight of the pieces the sobrasada can be distinguished in several ways: Sausage, semi curly, culana, bufeta, poltrú and bisbe.

    Anyway the most typical and common packaging of Mallorca sobrasada is the curly kind and sold in tubs.

    Creative Commons Image: Flickr/adriagarcia

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    Mar Santiago
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