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    A toast in Mallorca. Certainly the atmosphere and magical corners that proposes the Balearic Island are conducive to a little bit of chat between friends, sipping a drink slowly to encourage conversation and open wide the good mood. If we can enjoy that moment, we must include a glass of Mallorcan liquor.

    The Mallorcan liquor travel from the days when epidemics brought the doctors crazy. The apothecaries’ master formulas tried to find remedies that would protect the population of those diseases and the result, since those early sixteenth century, has been refined to grand liquor for have a drink.

    Hierbas Ibicencas

    Fundamentally there are two varieties, promoted especially in Mallorca and Ibiza. We are talking about herbes and palos liquor and, although its origins are identical, the raw material of each island and the development of each site have a different twist on the taste, so every sip has its own character.

    In some cases, herbes liquor becomes ​​from the maceration of over thirty different herbs, among them bushes so popular as rosemary, orange leaves, lemon balm, fennel, peppermint or chamomile. Everything is mixed with sweet anise to achieve a smoother taste or dry anise to raise the feeling of a higher alcohol beverage.

    Palos liquor has its origin even more defined. By then the local swamps contribute to spread out malaria sickness due to mosquitoes. Here healers decided to use two infallible plants: gentian and quinine. The process is completed with burnt sugar and its alcohol fermentation time.

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