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    parrillada volcánica

    As we sat at a table to eat anywhere in the Canary Islands, the first thing we will be able to check is that the variety is one of the watchwords of his cookbook. This is fulfilled perfectly in the gastronomy of Lanzarote, a treat for palate and stomach that every traveler should enjoy.

    Of course, in such an important part of an equally prominent archipelago, the fundamental stuff of Lanzarote cuisine is based on fish and seafood and is cooked in every possible way, besides being a delicious unique dish or being a part of other important recipes. Anyway, do not forget to try some of their fish dishes seasoned with mojo verde and sancocho de pescado.

    Besides seafood, in Lanzarote they have taken also advantage of the simple agricultural and livestock resources offered by the island with freshness and exceptional quality products.

    So, with these raw materials and the Guanche, South American and Spanish kitchen mixing, the Lanzarote have done wonders: Potajes, caldo de millo, goat, rabbit, an awesome lamb and a wonderful marinated pig.

    And do not forget their fantastic goat cheese, known for their extreme quality and Lanzarote wines, spectacular and perfect complement for a good meal.

    When you get to the desserts, remember: Frangollo, bienmesabe and a kind of mousse produced with traditional Canarian gofio that can only be defined as a whim of gods.

    By the way, one of the most representative dishes of Lanzarote offers visitors an authentic spectacle. Take advantage of the barbecue cooked on a volcano vent.

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    Mar Santiago
    Mar Santiago
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